The English Insider Newsletter Sept.-Oct. 2021

| October 19, 2021

English Insider

September-October 2021 Edition

Community Corner

In this edition we want to give a shout out to our friends and clients at Textile Brewing Company! Thank you for being a community centered business. Textile Brewing Company was started in 2019 by Tom Olberding. Textile is located at 146 2nd St NE in Dyersville, Iowa and is open 7 days a week.

Built in 1908 the building was formally a gasoline engine factory and then a sewing factory. Textile has since renovated the building to restore its beauty and become a microbrewery, displaying the vintage charm of the sewing factory it once was. The history of the building has become the decor, framed along the walls in a timeline. Craft beer made right here in Dyersville, IA! All Textile brews, whether it's the Seam Ripper or Snuggy, are made in the brewery in the basement of the building and they are exclusive. Try a flight and watch for their seasonal options on tap like the German Harvest Ale. Looking for a fun evening out? Every THIRD Monday of the month is Trivia Night at Textile! So grab your friends and head to this free event. No pre-registration required. Also, check out their Facebook page for upcoming live music and other events. No trip to Textile would be complete without trying the Bavarian pretzel, pretzel bites, or flatbreads. There's a reason they've sold hundreds of them!

Check out their Facebook page here!

Halloween Events

Swiss Valley Halloween Hike - October 16th 5-7pm

Trunk or Treat at Dubuque County Fairgrounds - October 21st 5:30-7pm $1 admission *come see us!

Asbury Halloween Parade - October 22nd 7pm

5k Haunted Heritage Trail Fun Run - October 24th 2pm

Ghoul's Night Out in Dyersville - October 28th 5-8pm

Xavier School Trunk or Treat - October 31st 1-4pm

Life Insurance Awareness Month

September is National Life Insurance Awareness Month. If you don't have any life insurance, you're not alone. Life insurance is one of those "someday" things for many people - but the cheapest time to buy it is probably today. There are two kinds of life insurance: term and permanent. Additionally, there are three kinds of permanent life insurance: whole, universal, and variable. How do these forms of life insurance differ, and how do you find out which type of coverage is right for you?

The way to find out is to look at where you are at in life, so that you can assess your current insurance needs. Have you reviewed your insurance lately?

Don't think you need life insurance? If so, consider the following potential factors that may make it a good idea:

  • You have a spouse or partner
  • You have children
  • You have an aging parent or disabled relative who depends on you for support
  • Your household depends heavily on your income
  • Your retirement savings or pension won't be enough for your spouse or partner to live on should you pass away
  • You own a business either solely or with partners
  • You have a substantial joint financial obligation, such as a personal loan for which another person could be legally responsible for after your death

In any of these circumstances, you may require life insurance. If you have coverage, changes in your life may demand an update.

The affordability of life insurance may surprise you. Many people think it is expensive, and so often, it is not. The non-profit insurance education group Life Happens recently conducted a study and found that people think life insurance costs three times as much as it actually does. The reality: a 20-year term life policy with $500,000 in death benefits can cost you less than $50 a month.

Life insurance is intended to help your loved ones financially after you die. The proceeds from a life insurance policy may help your spouse, partner, or family members manage finances if they have to adjust to life without your income. The death benefit may also be used to meet funeral costs and other final expenses, which may run into the tens of thousands of dollars.

Are you still unsure about buying life insurance, or do you suspect that your current insurance coverage needs to be updated? Please contact us and we'll be happy to assist you!

Use our free life insurance assessment tool here!

Survey Says!

Have you taken our customer survey yet? If you have we want to say THANK YOU for providing feedback! We appreciate your response. If you haven't taken our survey that's ok! We are sending the survey in batches via email so you might not have received your request just yet. When you do we hope you'll take a minute or two and tell us how we're doing. You can always contact us with questions or concerns - we love hearing from you!