Renters Insurance

There are advantages to being a renter…

As a renter, you’ve got it pretty good: No property taxes, no lawn cutting, no snow removal … Just simple living!

But what would you do if you returned from work, or a vacation, and all your possessions in your apartment had been destroyed by a fire? Or if there was a break-in and some of your most expensive stuff was stolen?

You may think that the building owner’s insurance will take care of it. It doesn't.

Your building owner is only required to carry insurance for the structure, everything inside is your responsibility. This means all your furniture, electronics, appliances, clothing and jewelry are uninsured unless you purchase a renter’s policy.

The Cost Of Replacing Your Stuff

If you’ve considered it all, you might think that the “stuff” you have accumulated isn’t worth that much but have you thought about the cost to replace? Buying a new bedroom set, clothing, or a computer can cost much more than you think—especially if your current ones are older or out of date.

Do you need renters insurance?

Yes you do! Whether you are a college student heading off to an apartment near campus, the elderly living in a senior care facility, or a family renting a four bedroom home you need a renters insurance policy.

According to recent estimates, nearly two-thirds of the 81 million people who rent their homes are uninsured for their contents or for any liability arising out of their tenancy. Don’t be a statistic …

First, do the math and add up how much it would cost to replace your belongings.

Next, request a renters insurance quote to verify just how affordable it is to protect your belongings from perils like theft, vandalism, fire, and falling objects.

What else is covered?

You’ll be surprised at how inexpensive renters insurance can be. Besides covering all of your personal belongings, renters insurance provides liability coverage if you are liable for injury or damage to others. For example: you accidentally start a fire in your apartment and it spreads to other units, or someone gets injured and you are found responsible for it.

Beyond insuring your personal property and providing liability coverage a renters insurance policy may also include coverage for:

  • Additional living expenses
  • Temporary housing

Do you have auto insurance needs as well? Ask us about possible discounts for having your renters insurance combined with your auto policy!

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