Summer Vacation ... Am I Covered?

| June 03, 2019

Who’s ready for summer? Warm weather (hopefully it’s here to stay!), pool time, summer sports/activities, and of course, the family vacation! Now if you’re anything like me, I love family vacations. Whether it’s a one-day trip, or an extended stay, I’ve always enjoyed having the opportunity to spend time with our family and enjoy an adventure together. Getting the bags packed, car ready, plans confirmed, all ready to go! But are you??? Do you have coverage for all your needs while you’re gone?

I’m going to hit on 3 important coverage topics that are very common when you’re on vacation. As always, we highly recommend you talk with your insurance agent prior to traveling to discuss your plans, coverages, and any questions you may have.


This seems to be the most common question we get; do I have coverage if I rent a vehicle on vacation? Depending on the company, most will extend liability coverage from your personal auto policy. But below are a few tips to consider when renting a vehicle:

  • Usually, if you have comprehensive and collision coverage on your auto policy those coverages carry over to a vehicle you rent. Don’t confuse this with renting other than autos, such as jet skis, ATVs and 4-Wheelers, or boats as a lot of carriers will not transfer coverage. Again, talk to your agent or call our office prior to get these questions answered.
  • Be aware of “Loss of Use”. What this means is that if the rental company can’t rent the vehicle you rented due to your negligence or damage, they can charge you while the vehicle is unable to be rented. This is typically not covered under your auto insurance, but can be purchased through the rental company or possible coverage through your credit card company.
  • Many companies will not cover outside of the US or Canada. Talk to your agent if you’re traveling outside these territories to ensure you have coverage.


Your homeowners or renters’ policies can give you some important extended coverages while you’re on vacation. Typically, you have a percentage (usually 10%) of your personal property coverage away from your premises. More importantly, ensure your liability extends while you’re on vacation. If you cause an injury to another person, or cause property damage, you need to ensure your policy will extend coverage. A lot of fun vacation activities (boating, jet skis, ATVs) have some exposures to make sure are addressed and covered correctly. 


You may be surprised that even traveling out of state will limit your health insurance coverage outside of emergency situations. Traveling abroad could cause coverage gaps. Always contact your health insurance carrier prior to going on vacation to know how your policy works. There are also options for international travel medical policies, and Doctor on Demand apps that can assist when traveling.