The English Insider Newsletter

The English Insider Newsletter

| April 06, 2022


January-March 2022 Edition

According to a recent survey, most U.S. consumers still prefer a local agent for their home & auto insurance. Why? Because of the relationships we've established over the years with our clients. Those relationships have been built on trust, integrity and honesty between our staff and our insureds. Consumers still want answers they can trust and have their coverages explained to them in terms they can understand by a local agent.

Our agency was established nearly 75 years ago based on those trusted relationships. Feel free to contact any of our team members if you have any questions regarding your insurance coverages.

We want to be your Trusted Choice agency for the future!

- Tim English


  • Wed. April 6 - Women's Night 2022

Total Fitness 1110 16th Ave. Ct. SE, Dyersville, IA

  • Sat. April 16 - Easter Egg Hunt & meet the Easter Bunny

Commercial Club Park 225 11th St. SE, Dyersville, IA

  • Sat. May 7 - Dubuque Farmers Market returns.

1200 Iowa Street, Dubuque, IA

  • Thurs. May 12 - Millwork Night Market

7th-9th on Jackson St., Dubuque, IA


Like many of life's more adventurous pastimes, owning and riding an ATV is not free of risk!

The risks of riding an ATV are very different than driving a car. There is less chance of a collision with another vehicle on an ATV; however, the terrain is more dangerous, with unexpected obstacles including rocks, trenches and trees on back roads. Your independent insurance agent may ask how often you plan to use the vehicle, for what purposes and on what types of terrain. Occasional riders driving on flat terrain or those using the vehicle for work may only need basic liability insurance. Others who ride hard on unfamiliar off-road terrain may require broader insurance protection customized to their particular needs. 

An insurance agent can assist ATV owners with the complex decisions associated with the types of coverage available. Such as: Liability coverage (including Bodily Injury, Property Damage, Guest Passenger/Medical Payments), Collision coverage, Comprehensive coverage, Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist coverage, Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts coverage, Custom Equipment, Roadside Assistance and more.

The cost to insure an ATV varies widely because there are so many factors to consider. Some of the factors that go into ATV insurance cost are: vehicle type (utility, sport or 4x4), year, make, model and engine size, coverage options, ages of riders, driving history, security and safety features and programs.

For a personalized quote, call us in Dubuque (563)557-7440 or in Dyersville (563)875-2716


Home insurance premium rates are rising faster than inflation and they're likely to keep climbing.

Recent factors including rising material costs and supply-chain disruptions are driving up home replacement costs - and insurance companies are increasing premiums accordingly.

The August 2020 Iowa derecho has seen $3.125 billion in damages paid out by insurance companies. More than 225,000 claims were filed, that's an average of nearly $14,000 per claim. 

While we too are frustrated that rates are going up, you can see why this is happening. When a natural disaster affects a wide area, the demand for materials and labor puts pressure on prices.

On top of the extreme-weather and population shifts that have been driving up insurers' costs and, in turn, policyholders' premiums, add the impacts of the pandemic-driven supply-chain disruptions. When the pandemic hit, lumber producers feared a repeat of the Great Recession and decreased production and unloaded inventory. But demand soared, catching them by surprise. 

The good news is that we are doing our best to review and to look at options; maybe an increased deductible, additional discounts, Ring camera, or other security monitoring systems give discounts, and remarket if we can.

The difference... you get us!

Tornados, hurricanes, super storms, wildfires and other natural disasters have reached $82 billion in 2021, bringing the total from 2017 through 2021 to more than $400 billion. As the chart above shows, average insured natural catastrophe losses have increased nearly 700% since the 1980s.