The English Insider Newsletter March-April 2021

| April 20, 2021

The English Insider

March-April 2021 Edition

Agent Spotlight

In this edition we'd like to spotlight our newest team member, Gabe Drewelow! Gabe joined our agency as an Account Executive and recently celebrated his one year anniversary as part of our team. 

Hey Agent Gabe! Introduce yourself to our clients. 

"My name is Gabe Drewelow and I've been with the agency for over a year now. Originally, I'm from the Waterloo area but then I went to Loras College and graduated in 2013. Then I met my wife, she's a local, and the rest is history. I've been in Dubuque since and I love it here." 

How long have you been in the insurance industry? 

"I've been in the insurance industry for just over three years. Now I work more local, property and casualty, and personal lines. Before, it was more all over the country. I definitely like being more personable now."

What do you like most about your work? You don't have to say us even though you're here!

"Of course you guys! (laughing) I would honestly say the big thing for me is the personable touch. I like being able to meet face to face more often. I like helping people. That's what we do in insurance, finding good coverage and good pricing but at the same time having a relationship with people. It's been great so far."

Tell us about one of your goals for 2021. You're working on something BIG, would you like to share? 

"Sure. I'm working on my CIC designation. It just adds to my insurance knowledge. I just took the property exam so I'm waiting on my results but I feel pretty good about it."

For anyone who doesn't know, CIC is a designation insurance agents can get that stands for Certified Insurance Counselor. It really shows you want to expand your knowledge and set a high professional standard. We're cheering you on! 

Ok, let's play a quick round of Gabe's Faves:

Favorite sport? "Golf. Hands down. I love it."
Favorite golfer? "That's really hard for me to pinpoint to just one. I have a couple. I'm a big Tiger Woods fan. I'm a big fan of Justin Thomas, he's a great golfer. I'm left handed so I have to cheer for my buddy Phil Mickelson, too. Those are probably my top three, but actually I'm going to throw a fourth in there, I'm a big fan of Brooks Koepka."

Baseball team? "Chicago Cubs."

Food? "Anything breakfast."

Hobby? "Running."

Holiday? "Christmas. Love the Christmas music, the camaraderie, getting people presents, the spirit and energy."

One final question. Finish this sentence: The perfect day for me would be ______? "Working at O'Connor and English."

Wow... brownie points (laughing) "and then go play some golf in the afternoon."

Perfect day - golf, sunshine, afternoon away. "Yep, get some work done, meet some people, then go golfing."

Gabe, thanks for sharing with us today! Any final comments? " Yeah, if you're looking for a quote, whether personal or commercial, give us a call. I look forward to meeting new people!"

That's right, we need to put Gabe to work. It's the perfect part of his day!

Lawn and Garden Tips 

The temperature is rising, the snow is melting, and spring is on it's way! We asked our local experts for some tips on lawn care, landscaping, and gardening. Here's what they had to say: 

  • Crabgrass prevention is key in spring. DON'T thatch in the spring as it germinates crabgrass. If you do thatch be sure to apply a crabgrass preventer. Use Pre-Emergent for crabgrass with fertilizer. 
  • Use Grub Control in June and Weed Control in September
  • Pruning Trees:
    • Fruit trees in spring
    • Evergreens after July 4th
    • Lilac bushes after they bloom
    • Oak and maple trees in the fall
  • Gardening tips:
    • Plant potatoes on Good Friday
    • Plant peas/beans/lettuce/onions/spinach in early spring
    • Plant tomatoes after Mother's Day

We'd like to thank the following clients and businesses for sharing their expertise with us: Mike Gehl - Gehl Lawn Care, Dan Hogan - D&S Lawn Care, and Master Gardener Patrick McCarthy. 

The Insurance "F" Word

The insurance industry is full of specific terms that can make understanding your policy complicated. As agents it's our job to understand those terms and communicate with our clients what it all means in a simplified manner. We want our clients to understand what they're purchasing and why. However, sometimes terms are used that do more harm than good. There's one in particular that is used commonly when discussing auto insurance. You've all heard it before and maybe used it yourself a time or two. Have you ever purchased a different vehicle and called your agent telling them to put "FULL COVERAGE" on it? Then you've done've used the "F" word of insurance. So what exactly does it mean to put "full coverage" on your vehicle? 

The answer to that question typically includes liability, medical payments, and physical damage coverage (comprehensive and collision coverages). But is that all you should be considering? What if you've purchased a brand new vehicle? You might want to consider additional coverages such as original equipment manufactured parts and new car replacement. What if you want to include towing or rental reimbursement coverages? The term can have different meanings so it's best to discuss with your agent exactly what you're looking for. 

The other challenge with using the term "full coverage" is what it implies. Is it possible to FULLY cover your vehicle? The answer is no. All policies have limitations and exclusions. The best thing you can do to protect yourself is talk with your agent and read your policy.