The English Insider Newsletter May-June 2021

| May 18, 2021

The English Insider

May-June 2021 Edition

You Asked It... We're Answering It 

We've been hearing from our customers (which we love) about some specific insurance questions so let's address a few of them: 

1. I'm going on vacation and renting a vehicle. Do I need rental car coverage? It depends, always check with your agent. Your auto policy typically covers you for the same coverage as your own vehicle but there may be gaps in coverage like loss of use. It also depends where you're traveling as your auto policy will cover you in the United States and its territories but not worldwide. If you're traveling for business, the business is typically responsible. If you plan to have multiple drivers you need to consider whether your own policy or the rental car policy would cover the other driver. 

2. I purchased an electric bike or scooter, does my insurance cover that? You may need to add an endorsement to your policy to extend coverage or purchase a separate recreational vehicle policy. Your agent can help you determine what you need. 

3. Are there specific discounts available for senior drivers?Every company varies and while some companies may not offer a specific senior discount there are a few ways to save. A clean driving record will earn you a claim free and accident free discount, or a cash back reward. Consider enrolling in your company's telematics program where your driving habits are recorded by a device or smartphone app and good driving is rewarded. See if there is a paid in full discount available and save money on monthly billing fees. Combine your home and auto insurance policies for a multi-policy discount. Additional policies such as an umbrella or recreational vehicle policy could earn you another discount. 

Happy Retirement Mary Nell Batterton! 

After 46 years with the agency, Mary Nell Batterton plans to retire this summer. Mary Nell began her insurance career in 1975 doing dictation for Insurance Associates (English Insurance) in Dyersville. “It was purely coincidental. I was looking for a job, saw an ad in the paper and applied.” There were six women in the office and one person just did filing. That evolved into personal lines insurance. For a few years she did commercial lines insurance at the Monticello location then returned to the Dyersville office. The insurance industry has changed a lot during Mary Nell’s career. She reflects, “Years ago when someone wanted a quote you got out your pencil and paper and your rate manual to figure it out based on who was in the household and the age of the drivers. Technology has taken things to a whole new level.” When asked what she sees as the biggest challenge facing the insurance industry Mary Nell replied, “Company changes and where we’re going with social media and technology. The competition online and the preferences of the younger generation. Losing that personal touch and connection with people. There’s a difference in working with a local, independent agent versus the online competition. I’ve had the ability to work with customers and their kids and even their grandkids. With new technology it’s more difficult to keep that kind of connection to people.”   

For the young professional or someone interested in entering the insurance industry Mary Nell advises, “It’s truly a good career if you like dealing with people. You’ll face challenges in working with companies but it’s a great field to get into. It’s really rewarding to help someone out and provide those services.”

Mary Nell shares that she has enjoyed talking with people and the friendships and relationships that have developed over the years. She also mentions her wonderful co-workers. “I’ve always tried to treat everyone as I wanted to be treated. It’s always been great working with everybody. I valued the trust they placed with me and English Insurance.” Mary Nell looks forward to seeing everyone out and about during her retirement. She’s also looking forward to spending time with her grandkids and exploring volunteer opportunities.

Congratulations on 46 years with the agency Mary Nell! You will be missed but we wish you the very best in your retirement. Enjoy a few words and well wishes from your colleagues:

“I have been lucky enough to work with Mary Nell since I started at Insurance Associates/English Insurance.  She has been great to work with over the years, and I am lucky enough to call her a good friend.  I will miss seeing her every day, but wish her the best in this next chapter of her life.  Enjoy your days with family & friends doing the things you enjoy.” – Joyce

“Mary Nell has been a very important part of the team at English Insurance for many years.  She genuinely cares about the well-being of each of her insureds!” – Tim

“Mary Nell has been a staple in our agency for many years, and has not only been a wonderful coworker, but an even better friend. We are all going to miss her, and wish her nothing but the best during her well-earned retirement!” - Derrick

 "Mary Nell is going to be missed. She is not only my co-worker but my friend, too. She is very knowledgeable in insurance and I am still asking her questions eight years later. I wish her all the best in retirement and hope to see her around!" - Amy 

National Wine Day is May 25th! 

 Enjoy these recipes provided by our friends at Tabor Home Winery. 

Tabor Home Wine Mixer:

- Mix Tabor Home Electric Raspberry wine with ice tea, lemonade, or champagne for a refreshing summer wine mixer!

Tabor Home Winery Frontenac Port Chocolate Balls

2. cups Vanilla Wafer crumbs

2 Tbsp. baking cocoa

1 cup powdered sugar

1 cup finely chopped nuts

1/3 cup Tabor Home Frontenac Port

Directions: Mix dry ingredients in large bowl. Add port slowly and mix until ingredients will hold together. Press into 1-inch balls and roll in more powdered sugar. Let set in closed container for at least a day to ripen. Serve with Tabor Home Frontenac Port or Wild Blackberry