What’s in my insurance packet…

| February 26, 2019

“Whatever you think”

“Same coverage as my last car”

“Whatever my parents had for coverage”

“I bought it for $, so insure it for that”

All of these statements are things that I’ve said in the past, or have heard from clients. It’s about trust…trust in your insurance carrier, trust in your agent, trust in your coverage. Being from small town Iowa, a lot of us value trust most in our lives. Knowing one another, or members of each other’s family for generations goes a long way for a lot of us. Introducing yourself to someone, to then hear the response “Who are your parents?”  Why do they ask that, so they can know where you come from, and know they can TRUST you! But thinking about how important trust is, especially in our line of work, I have to ask, is that enough?

I’m an insurance client just like everyone else. Before I got into this profession, I had an insurance agent that I worked with on my personal insurance needs. I’d call when I needed something, new car, new house, claims, billing questions, etc. My insurance agent always did a great job answering my questions, and I believe looked out for my best insurable interest to ensure I was protected the best way I possibly and financially could be. But looking back, in all honesty, I didn’t have a clue about my insurance coverage, at no fault but my own. My agent was always incredible and knew what I needed to ensure I was protected, but I took that opportunity for granted, instead of using it as an opportunity to learn.

For most of us, our insurance premiums, whether they be for our cars, houses, businesses, life or health, are going to be a significant financial responsibility. So, shouldn’t we know what we are paying for? We wouldn’t go car shopping, stare at it from the outside, and say it looks good and buy it right away. We would test drive it, ask what features it has, gas mileage, and make sure it’s the right fit for us!

This is what we want our blog posts to be about, education and knowing “What is in your insurance packet?” Our goal is to take specific topics as it relates to our insurance policies, whether they be personal or business related, and give some insight and information that hopefully will relate, and maybe spark a conversation with your current agent. Our goal is to be available through social media or email after each blog is posted, to answer any questions you all might have.

We look forward to this journey, and thank you all for following! Whatever line of insurance you are currently working with in your day to day, we hope that these posts will educate, enlighten, and in all honesty, intrigue you all to ask “What’s in my insurance packet?”

Derrick Parsons, CIC

Account Executive